My Views On Education And Policy Cycles

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With years of experience Ravitch explains her changed views on education and policy cycles. Ravitch talks about the evolution of her experience from public schooling to politics. She discusses education and how it transformed to a testing movement. The two main focuses in American education were accountability and choice. Educational differences began with the transition of the Clintons administration to the Bush administration. Her career enhanced within education when she was asked to work for the Department of Education. She joined the Bush administration to be the assistant secretary in charge of educational research and improvement. Ravitch wanted to focus on a strong curriculum, which included opportunities in liberal arts and sciences. Ravitch explains her passion for the American school system and the progress she made. Her focus was to keep a well rounded educator in each classroom. Ravitch starts by explaining the ideas of charter schools and other market based reforms. Ravitch discusses the difference between the no child left behind act and a nation at risk. The Clinton administration Goals 2000 program gave the states federal money for individual academic standards. The Bush administration implemented the no child left behind act in 2002. Bush’s no child left behind program melded smoothly, with a central feature of the Clinton administration’s Goals program: namely leaving it to the states to set their own standards and pick their own tests (Ravitch, 2011).
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