My Views On Education Is Not Just A Right

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My Views on Education Education is not just a right, it’s truly a blessing to be able to learn new things every day. We should be very thankful for the opportunity to get an education, while others are actually forced away from getting an education. The ability to expand your knowledge is something that nobody should ever take for granted. People learn in many different ways. As Americans, the most important kind of knowledge we have to have is learning of statistics and what has happened in the past. We’re not influenced as much to learn based off of life experiences and cultural ideas. Without a quality education, we are especially not able to get a career started, but even worse we may get pushed out of the career we have been doing. In the eyes of the government and even the Elite classes, success is based on Higher Education. It may be a stereotype, but if people know you don’t have a quality education, they will more than likely truly believe you’re not a smart individual. The different kinds of education are also seen as being in a higher or lower class from one another. What I mean is Public Schools versus Private Schools. Both of these have their advantages and disadvantages just like everything else does, but this aspect can have many opinions. We believe that private schools are better opportunities to get a very quality education. Is it? I personally couldn’t answer this question, because I went to a public school system, but I believe that it very well
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