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My Views On Education Philosophy When I first began college I wanted to be an accountant. I had taken accounting class in high school and really enjoyed it. Accounting is finite and rigid in terms of how it is structured. The rules did not change in regards to how you went about learning and applying it. Once you mastered the principles of accounting you would be able to do your assignments in class or your work in the real world proficiently. As I began taking the core accounting classes in my first years of college I noticed that the same reasons that once attracted me to accounting were now acting as a deterrent toward the profession. The finite, rigid nature of accounting was making it mundane, boring, and overall…show more content…
Therefore, as a social studies teacher, I will be paid to do what I love which is continually enhancing my knowledge of history. I can then give my knowledge back to society through the process of educating the youth about history. This process will enrich and enhance the minds of the youth who will one day take their place as the future of our society. The students must be the most important aspect in the classroom regarding the teachers’ priorities. The teachers first and foremost duty is to educate their students. In order to educate their students at the highest possible level every aspect of the classroom must produce a positive learning environment to allow the student to flourish. Classroom environment, disciplinary structure, teaching methods, teacher-student relationship structure, and the overall philosophical structure would all be aspects of a classroom that a teacher must formulate accordingly to allow the student to thrive academically. Disciplinary structure is integral to a positive learning environment. I have been a part of several classes in my secondary education in which the teacher did not put the students first. The teacher did not seem interested in the students. This disinterest was illustrated by how particular aspects of the classrooms structure were neglected. The teacher did not care when particular students were disrupting the class by talking and getting out of
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