My Views On Education, Sports, And My Readings Of The Bible

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I am who I am because of the experiences I have had through education, organized sports, and my readings of The Bible. I have never been an individual who loves to read. I have read many books, but mainly for school purposes. My values and attributes come from being accepted into the Skip a Book Program in sixth grade, my love for soccer and how it devoured most of my time from the ages of three to sixteen, and my own personal beliefs I have acquired through studying The Bible. To begin, the values I have about education all began from being accepted into a program which ultimately changed my view on education. I remember it clearly. I was at the dinner table when my mother yelled from across the house that my letter was there. This letter was going to determine exactly how my next year in school would be. If I were to be accepted into this program, I would skip a whole year of math. I had taken the test, and now I was awaiting the results. I opened the envelope and there it was. “You have been accepted into the Skip a Book Program!” This was just what I had hoped for! And the story continues from there. After being accepted into this program, I was placed in a learning environment where everyone was high achieving. I was not the “smart one” anymore, but rather I was “average.” During this program, I was determined to work hard and do my best, because the environment I was in encouraged me to do so.
It was because of this program that I met my 8th grade math teacher, Mr.

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