My Views On Life Change With Age, Maturity, And Growth

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As we grow up and become the people we were meant to be, we go through stages of our lives where the things that make us happy and the dreams we have for the future may change. I believe it is a part of life and of growing up. I believe without whatever it is that makes us happy, life is dull. I feel the same about dreams and goals; what is life without desiring for better in our own future and the future of those surrounding us. We change as individuals just as the environment around us changes. We adapt and grow. Our ideas about life change with age, maturity, and ever growing knowledge. That is life, and no two people have an alike experience of it. It is difficult to remember what made me happy when I was 13 years old, but I imagine it would include my friends and family. I do remember being in 8th grade and feeling like that was the first time I truly had real friends, ones I could count on and fall back on, ones that would always be there. It’s never easy being the new kid and everyone handles that situation differently, and in my case it took me those three years to really find people I could wholly trust and really feel like I had found my place in this life in California. Now, I realize it may be humorous to say I trusted these people so greatly when taking typical middle school drama into account, but even with the early teen bickering, the problems always seemed to work themselves out. I think perhaps that is why I became so close with this group of friends; no
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