My Views On My Life

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I am a female, I am upper middle class, these two aspects have shaped my experiences in school and the way I view my life. These two aspects come with enormous expectations that contributed to the way I view and act upon daily situations. My economic social class I have have grown up in has opened many doors, some that are positive and some that are negative. Next, being a female in today’s society is like being on a roller-coaster, some situations are fantastic, other situations I wish that I was a male. My identity in society and my gender have had a great affect on my viewpoint of the world and how I chose to live my life. My identity has shaped my school experience significantly. I come from an affluent school that is predominantly white, being in the upper middle class I fit in perfectly. I could walk down the halls confidently knowing that I wouldn’t be discriminated, because my social class status gave me all the privileges of being able to “fit in”. Without the higher end of the social class it would be impractical to feel like you fit in, because of all the expectations that come with going to a wealthy school. From the costly brands of clothes, to keeping up with the “in season” fashion, the ridiculous expectations for the standard student forbid the “lower end” of the social class to feel welcomed into the school. These expectations come with a great deal of stress. Teachers expected me to be at the top if the class because of my social class status. Also, I was…
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