My Views On My Life

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During the course of my life I have had many encounters with people from different walks of life than my own, this comes from me moving between different homes due to the joint custody my parents shared over me. Due to the constant change of the surrounding environment I was always in constant flux of having to reacquaint myself with those around me, this led to it being easier for me to accept those that had differing personalities and views from me because I was looking for a type of comradery, however in recent years while I’m not that quick to seek out comradery in such a fashion it doesn’t mean that I’ve become any less accepting of those who have differing views in fact I appreciate it when others have differing views from me for that gives a chance to learn and become more personally invested in another person since it requires learning more about them to get a better understanding of them. When it comes to being nonjudgmental personally I have a policy about being judgmental that was instilled in me from the moment I was born which was further enforced from the constant bullying and teasing I received for my size and odd nature during my youth. My mother used to tell me not to judge anyone for I know not of their home life or what they may be going through at any point and time so I made that a rule to live by. Another example I have of being nonjudgmental was over the summer when I worked as a day camp counselor at the YMCA I worked with a lot of children and most…
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