My Views On My Sexuality

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The thought of not being able to openly talk about my sexuality seemed like it would be easy, especially since my boyfriend is away at recruit training in South Carolina to be a United States Marine. Since he is away I thought I would not be tempted in any way, shape, or form into talking about him or our relationship. This assignment proved that keeping quiet was harder than I thought, and therefore unsuccessful at every attempt. There seemed to always be one short moment where I would slip and start talking about my relationship with friends and family that knew me well, and were curious as to how things were going. During my attempts at keeping silent I felt as though I oppressed myself from speaking about something I did not want to hide. It was not a good feeling at all. During the periods of silence that I did get to experience, I always found that even though I did not talk about my sexuality, I always thought about it. I would think about how I should not reveal myself to anyone for the assignments sake. That mere thought alone made me quickly empathize with those who identify as a lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT), especially those who are still in the closet and for whatever reasons they have chosen not to come out, but must desperately want to. Even those who openly identify as LGBT have to be more cautious around people who are totally against homosexuality. The constant thought of being judged and discriminated against just because one does not…
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