My Views On Philosophy Of Education

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Philosophy of Education Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world. Teaching is a very important responsibility that is crucial to our children in society. Not only does teaching give the teachers responsibility to teach the children school subjects but they also open the children’s minds to create and imagine a world on their own. Teachers not only open the minds of children to open opportunities in their lives but they also provide students with the experience to live their everyday lives aiming for success. This is a profession that is accountable for providing children with the information they need to become better people in not only their communities but also in their workplace. A teacher…show more content…
I will not only teach children to become better people but I will also learn from them how to be a better teacher and person myself. As a teacher, I will teach my students that how to be a positive person and have positive effects on other all while learning. Teachers interact with children to great extents and are expected to take on the responsibility to be able to teach the child grave amounts. Before you can even begin to work with the children you must find out what age you’re going to be working with and their capabilities. Some children may be fast learners while some may fall behind more than they should. Two theorists that I would most likely base my teaching off would be Erickson and Piaget. A child will go through many different stages in life trying to develop themselves into who they are going to be and the levels they are going to learn at. Even though not every child will learn at the same level you can develop different curriculums to see the different levels throughout the classroom. The children that would fall behind I would pull aside separately and work in smaller groups as well as still letting them participate in the bigger group activities. You cannot exclude the children just because they are behind that will start to discourage them, but you also cannot call them out to embarrass them. Teaching in my classroom will be very diverse and I will allow my children to see the different
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