My Views On Public Health Essay

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My interests in public health have a link with my childhood. Being raised and born in a rural area of a small developing country, Bangladesh, from my childhood, I witnessed a lot of avoidable premature deaths and sufferings from diseases among people in my homeland. In particular, I noticed that women and children living in rural areas are the most frequent victims of these adverse consequences. During high school, I thought that the treatment of the sick mothers or children would be the best way to prevent such unfortunate deaths. That is why I always dreamt of being a physician.
While pursuing the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree, I thought that it would be good to work directly with people by working in the community. I found that knowing their culture and lifestyle would help me to understand the cause and magnitude of the particular problem better. As a result, I started working in several volunteer organizations including the Medicine Club, Prothom Alo Bondhusova, Rotaract Club, Leo Club, and Swandhani. In my fourth year, I also got the opportunity to work in the community at the Residential Field Site Training (RFST).
During working in the community, I learned that some people suffer from diseases more frequently than others, though they are apparently similar. As a medical student, it was easier for me to understand the problem in depth, and this opened my eyes to the field of public health. I realized that conducting more research on factors
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