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I Strongly Disagree with Anne Hendricks Article because everyone has their way of doing things. Instructors has different ways of helping their students, be it to study or to learn. This is important to me because Anne Hendricks style of teaching is not the only way of helping students succeed. In her essay she came out in a way that she was letting the other instructors in her department know that they are all doing it wrong because the other instructors have a tendency to help students until they become confident in being able to think critically. Therefore she wants everybody to adapt to her style. So my arguments can lead to an understanding that people are different and everyone has a way to learn to think critically. An instructor helping a student who needs more time to learn knows for a fact that when the student grasp what the concept is, he or she can go on and feel comfortable thinking on its own, than letting the student going to figure out what he or she needs to do alone. I will start by using Anne Hendricks statement from one of her subtopics “where does a teacher responsibility end” I will compare our past readings with Anne Hendricks “Teaching with Compassion”. (Anne Hendricks) wrote “Many faculty members avoid the lecture method by engaging in question and answer discussions, and sometimes assume that these discussions will lead to critical thought” in this case I feel like each faculty member has a style that he or she feels to work perfect for them and

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