My Views on Building a Shelter for the Homeless

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As the leader of the team and ultimate decision maker, I am in full support of approving the building of a new homeless shelter. I appreciate each comment and will address some of your issues in this summary. My overall position however is in full agreement with this idea of providing a home for the homeless. Although inequality seems like a negative aspect it should not always be viewed in this manner. The constant interplay between people trading ideas and the pure concept of sharing are all based on inequality. I support this building not to erase inequality , but to take advantage of the opportunity inequality allows. The new, would-be tenants in the building all are working and have dollars to spend in our community, this we should welcome. Diversity should be embraced in this situation, suburban living can always use an influx of new and diverse opinion to help eliminate some of monotony that can sometime arise. I believe homeless shelters eventually increase property values as well. The largest cities in America all have large amounts of homeless shelters and their real estate is also some of the most expensive. Homelessness and economic growth are not mutually exclusive. It is time to open our minds to new ways of business and social interaction. It is understandable to have some criticism towards certain groups of people and , if you look hard enough, some of your negative stereotypes ring true. Ignorance surfaces in many different manners through the
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