My Virtual Child

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She came a week earlier than expected, but she was still perfect. The baby weighed six pounds, eight ounces and was twenty inches long. I heard her cry; it was like music to my ears. I felt as if I had just won first place in an Olympic race and my trophy was this cute little bundle of joy. Virtual Husband and I named her Dakota. (Manis, 2008.) I decided it would be fun to name my virtual child after my favorite childhood toy, so we named her Dakota, after my teddy bear. Dakota has a virtual sister whose name is Rose. Her name was decided because a rose is my favorite flower. Although the girls are three years apart, they get along very well even though when they were younger, Dakota was very jealous of Rose. My partner and I got along very well until Dakota turned eleven years old. My Virtual Husband and I just could not see eye to eye and we would bicker over everything. When Dakota turned twelve, her father and I separated due to irreconcilable differences. I gained custody of both girls, but most decisions regarding the children had been discussed with Virtual Ex-husband. I try my best to get along with my ex, but sometimes we still have arguments. Temperament/Personality: When Dakota was in the preschool stage she was slow to warm up and had a bit of trouble communicating around new people. She also had a tendency to get upset and had problems calming herself down. When she got mad…
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