My Virtual Child Paper

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My Virtual Child Paper My virtual child covers physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development at several age levels. This gave me an opportunity to visualize "the whole child" at various points in development. I raised a virtual child from birth to 18 years of age. Each virtual child has a unique set of characteristics at birth, some of which were influenced by how I answered the assessment I completed when I first logged onto My Virtual Child. These characteristics gradually emerged and affected his behavior and development. My child was a boy so I decided to name him Wolfgang. Wolfgang was born about four weeks premature and underweight (four and a half pounds). To regulate his body temperature, he spent the first few days in…show more content…
Berk mentions in his book that parent’s who resolve conflicts with reason, instead of physical punishment, have children that are more likely to be socially mature and well developed intellectually (Berk 2010). Instead, we would put Wolfgang in a time-out, induction, and used punishment by removal (Berk 2010). I made sure that my partner was included when making parental decisions because I did not want Wolfgang to start favoring one parent over the other. When my partner and I decided to get back together, he started doing better in school (except math), but he still got into fights at school, so my partner and I decided to talk to him about social skills and taught him techniques he could use when he started to get upset or frustrated. I’m very happy that Wolfgang has a diverse view on gender roles (Berk 2010). I was nervous at first because he did not seem to have any interest in Brianna. I feel as if my partner and I splitting, for the short time we did, caused this effect on Wolfgang. When he was about 3, my partner and I had Brianna. Wolfgang was a bit distant at the beginning, but he includes his sister while playing with other kids and he tolerates girls better than other boys do. He enjoys playing the role as the big brother and taking care of his sister. If he was not playing with her, he was playing make-believe by himself. I knew this was a good sign. I thought that this would be strengthening his mental abilities, like
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