My Vision As A Psychology Practitioner Scholar

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Practitioner-scholar is erudite at the master’s level MBA, MS, MA, and certificate level, will develop theoretical and research strategies to test, analyze resolutions to problems. These scholars use theoretic and research applications by acquiring information, processing the information, assess the information and apply and monitor new strategies, or approach to a practical solutions and determine how to effectively measure the approach. The scholar-practitioner theoretical knowledge includes the activities of both erudite and Facilitators. My vision as a forensic psychology-scholar will enable me to use all the required and glean information gain from Capella Universities greatest facilitators in our specialized field in clinical psychology. My goal is to achieve knowledge needed to effectively use in my future profession as a family counselor in clinical forensic psychology. My Vision as a Psychology Practitioner-Scholar Introduction Psychology has always fascinated me, learning about classical conditioning (Ivan Pavlov), personality the id, ego, and superego (Sigmund Freud), were all interesting subjects in my high school introduction to psychology class. This subject was very interesting that it planted a desire that I had never forgotten, the desire of wanting to be a psychologist. The dysfunctional home environment in which I grew up also played a role in my decision. Although, I presently I hold a BA in Information Systems, I decided to return to school for my
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