My Vision At The Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation

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My Mission/Great Purpose is to empower and help women and youth discover and pursue their passions and dreams through creative, hands-on training, education, and workshops that integrate Life Purpose Coaching techniques with expressive healing arts. My Vision is for Bloom Into Being, LLC, and the Re-stARTistry project to become a united Christian community across all ethnicities, denominations, and economic levels with every woman and child having the ability to discover and pursue his/her God-given passions and talents and pour them out freely for the benefit of others to create new beauty and transform the world. Now that my Great Purpose has been awakened, I can envision myself a year out from today…. What life is like now… - I have…show more content…
I live as God’s walking poem, because Jesus and his glory live alive in me. I know I am set apart in a special way, unlike a tree, the sky, or any other of God’s creation, and I let Christ pour out of me, right where I am because he has chosen me to live within. And even as my introverted self, I force myself to embrace the truth that “I experience God through you more fully than I can without you,” because he lives within you too. I see God’s glory revealed in the art of man’s life and in the poetry of man’s work, no matter who I’m with or what I’m doing, what’s gone wrong or how little I’m paid. I choose to be alive in the presence of Christ, seeking to know people as Christ is poured out of them through their own uniqueness and individuality. (AMLW, p 178). And this is what ultimately helps me to continuously engage with others in my calling and my craft. There’s no denying that at the very core of my being, God has made me with a deep desire to want to help others pull back the layers that suffocate the truth of who they really are and to encourage and release them to live as though they believe that they indeed have something to offer the world. (AMLW, p 17). In all that I do, I want others to know that God is an artist, not a technician, and that art is what happens when you dare to be who you really are! (AMLW, p 21). Barriers along the way… - Not that realizing this desire didn’t come at a cost.
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