My Vision of India in 2020

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Every one whether in the individual capacity or in collective capacity or a country itself, every entity needs a vision statement, which motivates to get into a greater effort to put the things into one direction? In the context of individual, a vision statement helps in putting various endeavors in one direction to achieve goal or accomplish vision. In the context of a country, it helps in encompassing the role and responsibility of different agents in the economy, such as Central, State and local government, the private corporate sector, the small and tiny sector, people’s organizations etc. One has to identify the potential areas of strength building and indentify bottlenecks to take corrective measures in a focused manner. It is clear,…show more content…
India in next decade would develop to a great extent and individual would get opportunities in abundance. Students now abhor the idea of going abroad to establish themselves. With modernization of education in India, the mode of instruction and learning will change miles. I see students carrying laptops instead of the traditional 3-5Kg schoolbags surfeited with different books, overloading their tender shoulders. The literacy rate would reach nearly 100% mark giving abundant talent to India. India would become bank of Educated and skilled Human Resource ready for export to other countries. WHERE THE INDIAN STATES WOULD SUFFICE EACH OTHER The free flow of trade, capital, technology, information within Indian states would make each and every state of India a prosperous place to live in. We don’t see any biases on the basis of caste, religion or region. The proverb “UNITY IN DIVERSITY” will be proven again. Everyone wants to live together and the man made barriers are of no significance. The nation stands united in times of adversities to help their fellow-countrymen. They amplify their happiness in being together and share each others’ grievances. WHERE THE WORDS WOULD COME OUT FROM THE DEPTH OF TRUTH The whole system will work with integrity, honesty and trustworthiness which would be the building blocks of a healthy democracy and prosperous nation. The citizens will not be fleeced by the government and amongst themselves. There will
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