My Visit At A New Church

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For this assignment, I decided to write about my visit to a “portable church.”
As a matter of fact, this assignment had come at a perfect time in my life. For quite some time, I had been looking for an excuse to visit a new church. I did not feel like I was getting enough substance, or the “meat and potatoes” and I was hungry for more. I had always thought about visiting other but I could never get myself to walk through the doors. In the eyes of the philosopher Plato, I was sitting complacently in “the cave.”
But that was when my mom suggested visiting a portable church, inside a local movie theater to be specific. The church I had grown up in was large and extremely conservative. I had grown accustomed to the rows of wooden pews that creaked every time a person shifted their position, and the beautiful stain windows that sparkled when the light hit them at the right angle. The thought of stepping inside a worldly building that smelled like buttered popcorn and had sticky floors to worship was not only an uncomfortable thought but also it felt disgraceful.
Our church had always taught us to wear our finest clothes out of respect for entering God’s home and all I could picture in my head of the people I had never met from the portable church included images of t-shirts, shorts, flip flops and jumbo tubs of popcorn and extra large Diet Colas. When I was walking towards the entrance of the theater, I felt extremely uncomfortable and anxious. I was not entirely sure what…
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