My Visit At The Huntington Museum Of Art

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The first thing I noticed at the Huntington Museum of Art was how quiet and empty it was. This was not displeasing however--quite the opposite in fact. The atmosphere was perfect for contemplation and thought, which is exactly what I want in a museum. I was still surprised of course; my visit to the Art Institute of Chicago had been very different. Unlike in Huntington, Chicago’s museum was packed to the brim, and the people within it practically shouting just to be heard. It is very easy to decide which one I liked more, in terms of surroundings anyway. As I walked along, my footsteps echoing, I could not help but feel like there was something missing. The art was perfectly fine, but there was a lack of liveliness to the place, something that Chicago had in spades. I remember noticing that the art only had names, and no descriptions. This was something I disliked extremely. It is nice to look at images I suppose, but I want some history. I want the time period, and a description of the artist, two things that play a huge role in what a painting is actually about. I felt like I should just naturally understand what each piece of art was trying to describe to me, which was an irritating feeling. It only took me about twenty minutes to go through the entire museum. Nothing really drew me in, except for a couple of pieces. This was entirely different from my visit to the Art Institute of Chicago. There, almost everything drew me in. All the paintings, and especially some of
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