My Visit To The Dominican Republic

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One day in early 1996 during one of my parents decided to go and visit one of their friends at their house to see how she was doing. She was practically an aunt to me and my brother. Which at this moment in time was soon to be eight years old and I was a one-year-old. Sometime during our visit, I decided that I had to walk around a bit but I wasn’t expecting it to be captured on film and have this moment around for decades later. Before I was 3 years old my mother loved documenting our day to day. The flash of a disposable camera wasn’t an odd occurrence back then. Some of my oldest memories have been with a camera flashing. The positions and gestures my parents are showing seem to tell all. This frozen moment in time can show what my family…show more content…
This moment displays that as I wasn’t getting ready to walk as much as dance. I have found memories of dancing with all of my aunts in the Dominican Republic. My family is all from the Dominican Republic so we try to visit our relatives located there as often as possible. This helped me developed a rhythm at a young age and got me interested in dance and the arts. At one point I was really good in the typical Dominican dances like Bachata and Merengue but then shied away from traditional dance to urban American dancing in high school. Then through that I was introduced to the theater department in my high school and want on to becoming a leading actor in theater and making friends that I could actually relate to. This became my passion in high school but I ended up giving it up when transforming from a high schooler to a college student because I felt that I wouldn’t be able to have a well-paying career from acting and had no time for such a high commitment hobby when I trying to get a Civil Engineering degree. Sometimes a person may give up their immediate happiness to secure a positive and theoretically happy…show more content…
My brother is still super active with friends and our cousins, and he still works out and plays basketball when he can. My brother is still much more social and athletic then I am and we are still not close like brothers should. My father went from an emotionally and mentally absent to a father that is practically dead in the minds of his children. My mother is still the bomb shell of energy and love that could catch me no matter how I fell. She may actually be more powerful then she used to be even with the surgery scars. She is truly an example of what doesn’t kill you makes you
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