My Visit to Catholic Church in Hialeah

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A very nice catholic church in the city of Hialeah, very nice residents and the likes. Visiting Immaculate, I was very caught by the attitude of the worshippers, if you ever been to Hialeah then you'd understand that many people there can be a headache, yet when I entered the church I was greeted by both pastors and worshippers there, a very nice atmosphere indeed. Immaculate Conception practices was is "Roman Catholic" or better to be described as the combination of the Latin and Eastern Catholic Church which embodies the world's largest single devout entity. Basic fundamental beliefs of Roman Catholic include the belief that Jesus of Nazareth is the son of God(similar to christianity), God is the embodiment of the Holy Trinity (God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit) and the Bible is the one true word of God. As I roamed around the halls of the church I was confronted by Deacon Manuel Alfonso and he asked me what I was doing at the church. I explained to him was I doing and I started to ask him some questions about the church, my first question to him was "What is your strongest belief when it comes to your religion?", he replied with "my strongest belief is that God is the word and god is the only truth, the holy spirit lives in every single one of his children." I understood that a major belief was that God represents three beings, I later on researched it and found that the direct quote that explains this belief within the bible, "Goe ye therefore, and
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