My Visit to Centennial Village Historical Site in Greeley

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I was pleasantly surprised on how much I enjoyed visiting the Centennial Village historical site in Greeley. I happened to visit this museum on the perfect day because there were children from different schools dressed up and “living” how the people in Northern Colorado lived more than 100 years ago. With the children all dressed up like people used to dress, and doing the chores that they used to take on really made it the feel like I was back in time. I got to experience dozens of historical sites, live animals, schools, and businesses that really helped me understand part of Northern Colorado’s history. One of my favorite parts about this museum was how we got to see all the different immigrants homes that made this region so culturally diverse. If I were living in Colorado around these times I most likely would be living in a Stone House because teachers typically lived in these types of houses. These houses where located on Eagle’s Nest Ranch right out of Greeley and were made up of stones. These houses where primarily made up for ranchers and teachers. Another type of house is called the Swedish-American House, (STUGA) these homes tend to be a little nicer than the Stone houses and reflect a blend of Old and New World Culture. These one room framed dwellings with a boxer roof were typically houses for the Swedish immigrants. Another group that migrated to Northern Colorado was the Spanish. They migrated to Weld County to take advantage of the jobs that were created

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