My Visit to the Brooklyn Museum

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During my visit to the Brooklyn Museum, I found it both intriguing and informative. The layout of the exhibition was divided into about three to four sections. Each section of the museum represented a movement of the 60’s. The themes represented were segregation of blacks and whites, how they tried to gain equality and the changes they anticipated would happen in the future. The artwork throughout the exhibit was displayed in a varying gradient of black and white to colors. The type of background information provided in the exhibit were captions under each artwork specifying the artists’ name, the year and time it was created and what message the artwork was trying to portray. I did find the information that was provided to me helpful because it gave me an insight on to what the specific artwork was about and the message it was trying to convey to the me, the viewer. One artwork I observed in this exhibit was David Hammons (American, b. 1943). The Door (Admissions Office), 1969. In this photograph it shows a body pressed against a door trying to gain entry into an admissions office. The main character is a young African-American boy. The role the character plays is a student trying to get admissions into a White school. During this time the U.S. Federal Government implemented school desegregation throughout the nation in 1954. White communities did not like the idea of this and tried blocking black students from attending these white schools. The photo brings out a
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