My Vocabulary Analysis

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As I sit down to finally write my reflection essay, I stare at the clock and it glares back at me, the numbers 11:24. All I can think is, how will possibly be able to finish this essay in a reasonable amount of time, so I can get some sleep. Upon further thinking, I know that sleep is already out of the question. The only thing that can keep me going is determination. This whole year I have been riding on determination and through my hard work I have been able to improve many aspects of my writing. Entering level four English next year, I feel slightly apprehensive, yet confident that my growth in expressing my opinion to the reader through adept word choice and quote integration will lead me to success. My analysis of evidence has improved…show more content…
This skill is clearly seen in my narrative story, for it helps bring the words off the pages. One of the main goals of this paper was to show not tell and I feel like through my advanced vocabulary I was able to achieve this task. While describing my animals first encounter with Rocco the Rabbit, I wrote, “The bushes behind me start to dance and soon enough a scrawny, black ball of fur tumbles out” (The Rabbit’s Realization). By using vivid vocabulary my paper is able to draw the reader in and allow them to experience my story in almost a three dimensional experience. Allowing my words to touch the reader, I am also able to make reading the narrative a more personal experience. Another one of my works that accurately represents my enhanced word choice is the short paper I wrote on “Things fall Apart”. In the analysis of this paragraph, my writing was illustrious as I wrote, “Although Obierika does not see any problem in a man showing his emotions, Okonkwo’s stubbornness highlights him limited viewpoint and stern position…” (Things Fall Apart Analytical Paragraph). In using persuasive vocabulary, I was able to direct the reader's mind into a certain area and clearly explain to them, the point I was trying to get across. Likewise, through taking advantage of this advanced word choice, my short essay was able to prove my reasoning in only a few sentences. With each new essay, my word
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