My Vocation And Its Meaning

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My Vocation and its Meaning

Vocation is defined as an activity that one regularly does to make a living according to Merriam Webster Dictionary, a neutral source. However, after having attended Augsburg for more than a week, I now understand that the word vocation may have different variations of meaning to different people. What might be my personal definition of vocation is probably much different compared to a person’s definition that comes from a different culture and perspective. My definition claims that a vocation is a specific purpose that I have to make a difference in the world as a whole. Me choosing to attend Augsburg is essentially the first big step I have taken in finding that vocation. The next step is acquiring a highly valued education from the college, and after that is to apply that education to my vocation. The end goal is to integrate my vocation and education, so I must start doing that now. Applying my education to my vocation means that I must understand how my education helps me in achieving my vocation. This involves me digging deep into my studies to find how my education can be integrated in my vocation, and then to discover what I want to be the end result of my search. My calling is very important to being a student, as they will both compliment each other over time. With my intended major at this point in time being marketing, I must search and understand how my studies in marketing, surrounded by core curriculum, can help me accomplish my
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