My Volunteer Experience

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For my volunteer experience I chose to volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club in Shelby. There I was able to experience first hand, child development and how so many factors can impact a child’s life. Through this experience I was able to nurture my love for children and understand why I chose this volunteer experience. Throughout I will explain what I did there and how I have changed because of this experience. I decided to volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club because of my love of children. I have always grown up in a large family with many siblings so I think that fostered my love for younger children and when I entered college and got interested in psychology that just helped me decide even more what I wanted to do. I decided to get more interested in children and psychology after I took a class in child psychology and learning how a child develops. Through that class I learned about all the factors that contribute to a child’s development. Therefore, it was an easy choice for me to work at the the Boys and Girls Club because I knew I wanted to invest my time into something with children. While volunteering there it just reassured me of my career in life. A little bit about what I did at the Boys and Girls Club. There I mainly worked with the staff to play games with the children and then also help them with their homework. The children usually had playtime outside when it was warm and when it was 4 o’clock they went into the gym and lined up on the benches until it was
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