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The strategic planning I did previously was during my volunteer work. I decided to volunteer for the American Red Cross in Lansing. While doing so the recruitment and placement processes of the intake volunteers, which I was one of, needed a lot of work. Here is a summary of what I proposed. All of the steps listed in Berman chapter 4 were followed including preplanning, research phase and gathering of information, design with mission, vision, and goals, and lastly implementation and evaluation. This planning process was initiated by myself, LaTonya King, I current Intake Volunteer, the executive director of volunteer services Natalie McIntyre, Victoria Fryer the volunteer trainer from AmeriCorps, all from the Lansing office. As well as Linda Cieciek who is the director of AmeriCorps volunteer services, from the Detroit office. Other than goals, timeline information will be mentioned in terms of expected dates of completion for particular aspects of the program. Explanations as to why these goals create are important and beneficial to the program and organization. The planning process began in January 2015, when the Lansing realized the urgency to place prospective volunteers quicker than previously done. A meeting to find out the current issues with the intake process took place with myself, the executive director and the AmeriCorps member in the Lansing office. Here we were able to find out possible problems within the Lansing reason before looking in to other offices.

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