My Volunteer Position Analysis

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I've had several volunteer positions that have taught me a number of skills and exposed me to a variety of new experiences. Throughout high school, I volunteered at the hospital near my house, and while I was there, I held various positions. My first position was as the radiologist's assistant. As her assistant, I did secretarial assignments, like filing papers and escorting patients to the correct locations. My other position at the hospital was working the front desk. There, I delivered newspapers and coffee throughout the hospital, answered the phone, and escorted patients to various locations. Working at my local hospital, I not only learned how a hospital runs on the inside, but I also learned how to communicate more effectively with people that I just met and try and make them feel…show more content…
In this position, I organized case files, assisted the jailers in the holding room, and assisted a police officer during a ride along. This was a great opportunity for me because I greatly expanded my depth of knowledge in regards to the police force. Through organizing case files, I developed the habit of double checking my work because if I made an error, there would be a file that would have to be relocated from hundreds of other files and then resorted correctly. When I was helping the jailers, I realized the wide-range of people that come through: some people are regular offenders, while others committed their first crime. Others were barely adults and already ending up in jail, which was a bewildering sight to behold. I learned the most during the police ride along. I saw the good and the bad of my hometown. Growing up on one side of town restricts you from seeing the other side of town, so being put into that situation allowed me to see what I typically wouldn't. This was by far my most enjoyable volunteer experience because of how much I learned about my town and how much was right under my
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