My Volunteering Experience And Majority Of Positions Held By The Working Class

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When critically analyzing the some of the themes discussed in the course with respect to my volunteering experience and majority of positions held by the working class. creates an environment of concern such as the feeling of being alienated which is defined as an “estrangement, or separation in feeling or affection; to be alienated is to be withdrawn or cut-off in feeling or affection, to feel separated from others or oneself. “ that slowly builds within the work environment, the reasons is due to lack of job enrichment or more specifically when the job becomes monotonous without much change. For example while volunteering reporting at 8:30am to open the office and start my shift from 9:00am created an atmosphere of enthusiasm which slowly diminished over a period of time as it was the same task I executed for 2 years. This when related to an individual who works in a car factory feels dehumanized and more like a machine when the carry our the same task in a factory of line production. Due to lack of change the employee becomes less productive and hence a cost to the firm therefore ends up being laid-off. Furthermore in a capitalist environment the inability to contribute in decision making and the operation of the firm significantly contributes to the alienation of workers. Creating a more involving firm such as the Body Shop that accepts a more open response from its employees allowing a greater enrichment and growth of employees and the business its self. In addition
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