My Weakgth And Strengths

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Every human being has strengths whether they see and recognize them or not. I know that it can be hard for a person to acknowledge their strengths but it is always good to do this. In doing so a person learns more about themselves, and I believe that it helps them in their self-esteem. While people do have strengths, there are areas in which a person can exhibit continued growth. No human being is perfect, and that is okay. It is okay if one acknowledges the diminished growth and strives to make it more useful. While it is hard for me to acknowledge and talk about my strengths, I know that I have them because God gives us strengths and talents. He gives them to us so that we can use them to foster a good place for humanity and to strive to follow His footsteps. One of the strengths that I believe I have is that I engage in sacred trust. This is because I consider myself a trustworthy person. If someone tells me something, I will maintain confidentiality and keep that between us. This is because I believe that trust is something that can be easily broken and it is always best to aim always to keep that trust with someone. Exhibiting trust to others is a value that I live by. I know that many people suffer from distrust and I want to let them know that there are people that they can trust and that will listen to them with a truly open heart. Another strength that I believe I have is that I am kind. The reason that I believe this is because I really do think that I use my
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