My Weakness In English

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Over the past four years, I can easily say that English has become one of my favorite subjects to learn in school. The English teachers that I have had in the past have helped cultivate me as an English student and definitely made me enjoy learning new things. As an English student, I see myself as one who does not struggle with writing so often. One of my strengths in writing is my ability to support my arguments with evidence. I have had a lot of essay rubrics where I had to have an argument to prove and gather quotes from the book that supports my argument. That is my strength because I like choosing the most interesting quotes and analyzing how they fall into my argument. As a child, I used to love reading a lot. I would beg my parents to take me to the library every other day and check out more than ten books a day. As soon as I arrived home, I would lock myself in my room and read all of them. However, as I got older, the books got longer, I lost my interest with reading, and got more lazy to the point where I am now a non-reader. Aside from that, more reasons as to why I am a non-reader now is because I prefer spending my me time doing things like watching shows and going on social media, instead of picking up a book to read. Although I am a non-reader, I do wish I would actually read more often and go to my local library more to pick up books that might interest me. A couple of books that I enjoyed reading were The Maze Runner and The Glass Castle. When I
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