My Weaknesses In Writing

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Now that I have entered English Comp 1 I’ve learned the fundamentals to writing a good essay. Essays can be used in many different ways. Some people use them as reviews to books or movies. Some people use them as short stories or books. With this essay I’m going to discuss my strengths, weaknesses, fears, knowledge, and experience that I have with writing and entering this new Comp 1 class. When it comes to my essays I have many strengths, yet many weaknesses. My first strength as far as writing is staying focused on the topic at hand. I know how to write without jumping from subject to subject. Another strength I would say I have is strong word diction. I like for my essays to be detailed and have flavor, so I will not bore my reader. The last strength I have is always my conclusion. It’s so easy to write the conclusion because all you have to do is restate your introduction. On the other hand, I have a lot of weaknesses. My first weaknesses is my sentence structure. Sometimes I create fragments and leave them unnoticed because I think they are fine or I don’t know exactly how I want to say something. Another weakness of mine would be my punctuation. I still have trouble using a semi-colon in the correct way and sometimes I don’t always know where to add my commas. My last weakness would be starting an intro an essay. This is not my strong suit at all and I say this because when started off an essay it’s so hard for me to get my words together or I can’t ever come up with a good thesis statement. I try not to include fear in my vocabulary but the fears I have about this class are not passing the rubric requirements, having trouble understanding or discussing the topic, and not having any original ideas. Not passing the rubric requirements is a fear to me because I do not want to fail. I feel like the rubric freaks me out because if I don’t have so much of something or something is wrong points will be deducted. I know we are supposed to be graded but I just don’t want to fail so I guess you could say I have a fear of failing. Discussing a troublesome topic is also a fear for me because it’s hard trying to talk about something and I really don’t know what’s going on. I start to get confused and start
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