My Week As A Business Analyst

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My Week As A Business Analyst

My week as a Business Analyst was a very eye-opening and educational experience. The reason I chose to job shadow a Business Analyst is because I wanted to learn more about a career in Information Technology. My mentor has over twelve years’ experience as a Business Analyst in the area of Quality Management and Regulatory Affairs for a medical device company. I wasn’t sure what to expect because I had never been exposed to this kind of environment. However, I was eager to learn about the functions of an IT Business Analyst. In addition, I was really looking forward to the opportunity of exploring other areas of the company.

There are a number of factors that go into becoming an IT Business Analyst
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A meeting needed to be scheduled with the customer who was located in Ireland. In addition, there is a change control process that is used when creating and completing any new development. This change control process is based on requests from the business. Then, procedures must be followed to implement these requests.
Most requests follow a general guideline and a series of steps. The first step of the change control process is to identify what must be changed and document those changes. The second step is to validate the change with management approval. The third step is to analyze how long it will take, how much it will cost, and how the change will impact the current software design. The fourth step is control which is the deciding factor on whether you want to proceed with the change. The fifth step is action which includes documenting and implementing the changes. The sixth and final step is to verify that all documentation is complete and close the request.
During my week of job shadowing, I saw all of these steps being completed and learned about the process. The company used a software tool for the change control process called Remedy. This is a software that is in compliance with guidelines set by the FDA. (Federal Government) The changes themselves were implemented in the SAP software.
There is a lot involved in documenting the action step in the change control process. There are
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