My Winter Research Paper

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Maine winters are as harsh and unpredictable as my family. They can be as cold and bitter as the wind if you are not prepared. Ironically, it’s winter that brings us together. As a child in the Adams family I share the tradition that is handed down each generation; snowmobiling. My place on the sled had to be earned as it was by my grandfather, my mother, and her siblings. From an early age, I was bundled up in my winter gear, waddling out the back door of my great grandfather’s house like a penguin. When I was first introduced to snowmobiling I remember feeling thankful for those layers which protected me from the blistering cold I faced while being towed around in a sled by my grandfather on his snowmobile. On the worst days I would fall out of the sled a few too many times and go inside too frustrated to keep riding. Within a good hour I was back outside waiting to try it again. The opportunity to ride was determined by my grandfather. Naturally, I wanted to prove I could do just as well as him, thinking I could make him proud. I went for it; reaching toward the handle bars I pressed the throttle with all my strength. The sound of a loud crunch followed and I blinked, trying to figure out what caused it. Once I was on the ground I shook with fear at…show more content…
As college approaches it seems intimidating. I will be the first person since my grandfather to get a college degree. Yet, I am confident I will be successful. It will be frustrating and unfamiliar, but if I prepare myself to the best of my abilities and continue to try despite my failures I can only make progress. Most importantly, I feel confident that college will be exciting and fulfilling because I will put the time and ambition into making it the best possible experience it can be. When unsure how to handle a situation in life I will always treat it like how I would ride a
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