My Wish to Pursue a Master's Degree in Machine Learning and Computer Science

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I was born in 1992, in the beautiful city of Gorgan, in which I had a peaceful and happy life. As a child, I enjoyed playing with friends, solving puzzles, painting, and video games. From early days of school, I liked critical thinking much more than rote memorization, although the educational system in Iran always encourages students to memorize things. When I was 11, I was selected for the National Organization for the Development of Exceptional Talents (NODET) through an exam with less than 1% acceptance rate, which is mainly based on mathematics and intelligence questions. In our middle school, affiliated with the NODET, we were trained in a more advanced level in many fields of study, which made me more interested in Mathematics and Physics. When I was 15, I read Fundamentals of Physics by David Halliday on my own as an extracurricular activity. It was fascinating for me that everything happening around us has a mathematical explanation based on the fundamental principles of Physics. When I was 16, I was accepted in the first round of the National Olympiad in Physics by being among the first 1000 participants. A year later, I repeated the same success in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. The same year, I found one of my enjoyable hobbies, programming, for the first time by learning BASIC programming language. In the last year of high school, like any other students in Iran, I prepared myself for the National University Entrance Exam (known as Konkoor) as the main

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