My Work And Focus On My Leisure Activities

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I am very willing because I need to focus on my work and focus less on my leisure activities. There have been days where I could have spent a little more time studying, and days where I wanted to rip my hair out because I worked so hard on one paper and got a failing grade. I have not always understood why I got a bad grade, but professors have their reasons. I have learned a substantial amount this semester and I am going to put in the work next semester. My growth as a writer has greatly increased due to this class and its activities. The first goal I selected was a broader vocabulary. Although I did learn some, my vocabulary is still not where I would like it to be. One thing that I could have done was dedicate more of my time to these words instead of playing ping pong. It was definitely not a waste of my time getting to know these words. I have trouble when it comes to the action of elaborating well on a topic. This course has helped me understand this concept. The main thing I learned is that a person can never have to much detailed information about what point they are trying to get across. A writer wants the reader to enjoy and understand what exactly it is they are talking about, and this comes through the action of having enough detailed information and knowledge about the subject. When a person elaborates well on a topic, the reader will have a certain connection with them. That connection is a sure sign of a great paper. I have always strived for stronger
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