My Work Based Learning Is The Popular Gourmet Hamburger Chain

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The Company Overview Company Creation My workplace and subsequently where I undertook my work based learning is the popular gourmet hamburger chain “Byron Hamburgers”, the company was founded in 2007 by Tom Byng and currently has 82 restaurants in the UK with 54 of them located in London. The inspiration that prompted Byron’s creation occurred to Tom Byng during a trip to America, he ate at many diners during this trip sampling some of the best hamburgers that the nation has to offer. Upon his return to the U.K he realised that there were no restaurants that served hamburgers the proper American way and Byron was created. Food and Beverage The menu at Byron consists of hamburgers, salads and sides along with an extensive selection of craft beers. Due to the nature of the food served, such as the burgers being cooked medium and the different components of each burger, it is necessary that staff are sufficiently trained on all aspects of the menu. Service Style The service style in Byron, as with many casual dining restaurants is very laid back with staff members encouraged to talk to and build rapport with customers. The feeling throughout all Byron restaurants is modern, casual, artistic and humorous, this is communicated through all aspects of the company such as interior décor of the restaurants, the menus, the training and the marketing. The Bury St Edmunds Restaurant The Bury based restaurant where I work opened in September 2015 and can hold 130 guests,

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