My World Map Poster While Eating Breakfast Every Morning Essay

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It all started in preschool, where I would sit and study my world map poster while eating breakfast every morning. I always kept a list of places that I wanted to travel to when I got older. The endless possibilities of places to visit and sites to explore has always intrigued me. This idea of traveling the world is one many children dream about, but for most of youth in the United States it never becomes a reality. I spent a majority of my childhood traveling around the United States. I saw most of the country growing up, which made me want to explore even more. On the evening of my eighteenth birthday I booked a flight to France, despite disapproval from my parents. I knew that traveling by myself to a foreign country would have many obstacles. However, I wanted to experience a new culture and meet new people. I learned from a young age that travel is all about making choices and that you are in full control of your journey. When booking this trip to France, I had not done any research of the area I would be flying into. When I first arrived in France I may have looked like a lost tourist, but I wanted to experience all that France had to offer. All international flights require a final check to ensure that you have proper documentation to be in the country. The customs station in the Charles de Gaulle airport had armed men every five feet, which is very intimidating to a tourist. The customs officer did not ask me any questions and did not even look at me to see if my

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