My World of Reading and Writing Essay

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My World of Reading and Writing

Learning to read has been a great gift to me, I would have been lost without it. I started out young with a passion for books. Any type of story would do, scary or friendly, as long as I could picture what was happening. I hated books with pictures because it took away from my imagination. I loved letting my imagination run wild with every detail.

Growing up my parents encouraged my passion for reading. They bought me all the children's books I wanted. I would read almost every night before bed, filing my dreams with princesses and heroes. From then on I could not put a book down. I yearned to learn more about what was hidden deep within the pages. I loved trying to figure out different ways the
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As for learning how to write, I have a lot of people to thank, for they have given me the ability to express my thoughts and release my frustrations. My teachers, for example, helped me to learn better techniques for writing stories and later on essays.

In grade school the main focus was learning how to perfect cursive and printing skills. Once I mastered that it was on to more difficult things, for when junior high and high school came everything revolved around essays. I hated having to write about boring stories or on the things that I had no interest in. Some how though, among all the assignments I had, I became interested in poems. I began taking all my dreams and expressing them in away that I could not before.

The main credit I give is to my family. They always encouraged me to write whatever my heart desired. That became my all time focus. No matter what was taking place in my life, instead of keeping it all inside, I could let it flow through my hand to the pen and on to the paper. My granny always said my mind was a beautiful gift and that wasting my thoughts would be a crime. So on that note I sent my first two poems I wrote to two different publishing companies. To my surprise both were published. From that point on I realized that I really could do whatever I wanted too

I loved to come home form school and sit down alone in my room and jot down little
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