My Worst Insecurity Research Paper

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Acne. A person’s worst insecurity. Well, it was my most excruciating insecurity. That was until my life completely changed, like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. I was introduced to makeup. I remember going to the store and buying makeup for the first time ever and walking through the isles with eyes like an owl. Seeing products after products, so curiously thinking “I have no idea what I’m going to need?”, “What do I choose?”, “What will get the job done to cover my acne?”, chaos was going through my head. I finally chose some makeup essentials to the best of my abilities. Which included some foundation, concealer, powder, blush, makeup brushes and some mascara. When I got home I couldn’t wait to open everything and apply it, I felt…show more content…
Everything about testing just worries me a lot and has me thinking I’m going to fail. So, I certainly did not want to fail, I made sure of it by studying hour after hour. Trying to learn everything I could possible learn. Ultimately, I passed! I was so proud of myself, but I knew I was not even close to being done. It was just the beginning of having to study for the practical test, the hands on second part. Which I faced so many struggles, having to thoroughly go through all the steps and procedures exactly as they were in order from beginning to end. This was the most excruciating studying I had ever done in my life. It soon came the day I had to take my practical I was so nervous I had a feeling I was going to fail. My hands were shaking and I was so nervous throughout the entire exam. Finally, when I was completely done the lady handed me a piece of paper with my results. I thought to myself “Did I fail or did I pass?”, “I don’t want to look at it.” Surely, as I looked at the paper not even thoroughly examining how I did on every step. My eyes just went directly to the result. I passed. My excitement was out of this world. I soon became to realized that with love and support and hard work anything is possible to achieve. I can finally say, I am a
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