My Writing And Writing

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I have never been a strong writer, even though I love to read. People told me that being a good reader would make me a better writer, but I have yet to see the fruits of it. Although learning how to write has always been something I aspire to do, through all my years of school not once has a teacher ever taught me how to write. Teachers have always assumed the previous teacher taught the skills I need to write a decent essay. My teachers have commented on how my sentence structure and transitions are weak within my essays, but they have never shown me how strengthen my sentences. Grammar is something I have always been atrocious at. The first time commas were explained to me was my junior year of high school, and it was just a quick review since I was supposed to know how to use them already, even though not one teacher took the time to thoroughly explain when to use commas and how to use commas. When grading essays, my teachers never commented on the errors or went over them with me to help me understand my mistakes; they just handed the essay back with a grade on it. I believe these are the main reasons I am struggling to produce college level essays.

I struggled with the persuasive research essay more than any other essay due to the fact that I was not in a classroom where the teacher thoroughly explained proper quotations to me. When I am in a classroom and I do not understand a concept, I always ask the teacher to further explain the concept until I understand it.
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