My Writing As A Student Entering My English Course

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As a student entering my English course for the term I can admit I was a little anxious about the work I would be doing and the difficulty I would have due to the fact I knew my writing was far from perfect. Throughout the class I did see progress, but I still struggled with the writing process with my narrative draft and revision as well as my persuasive draft and revision. I used text resources available, but that still did not give me a complete understanding not at least until I used video resources as well. By looking at instructional videos provided on YouTube and other sites gave me a more visual understanding which I can say it has helped quite well. A Challenge the writing process has been for me, I would write ideas I had during my pre writing and that was all, but I did not build on my idea. I went from an idea to a draft and that was not the proper way to go about with my writing process. With innumerable Resources available it has helped me in my writing more than I thought it would because if I needed an example of what to do, I had text and video resources for that, video resources helped me to understand even more how to write correctly on my essays, writing tools and many more great resources. Using time management for my writing was very useful as well my research, pre-writing and drafting stage should have took up most of the time, therefore after editing and revision then would be a breeze. Everyone has their own way of writing and not everyone
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