My Writing As A Writer

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Being a writer is not something that comes easy, it is something that must be worked at. You get better at it over time by practicing and improving your writing skills through the help of tools or other people. I persobnally wanted to better my own writing askills, so I began identifying my problems and finding resources to help better those fields in which I need help. My most major problems as a writer include my style or wirting, transitioning, and forming complete paragraphs. I found many helpful tools on my journey to become a better writer and I believe that I have strengthened my understanding of essay writing as well.
My first major problem as a student writer would be my overall style of writing. By this I mean that my grammar, word choice, and sentence placement are all contributing factors to the fact that my paper’s never come out onto paper as I in vision them in my head. Every time I finish a paper I always think to myself that I would love to have another teacher or my parents read over it and give me some pointers, but they aren’t always available when I need them. This is where paper rater comes in to play. is an online proofreader that is free and easy to use. All you have to do is paste your essay into the website and within 10 seconds it gives you a detailed analysis on your paper as well as an artificial grade. It grades your paper based off of categories like spelling, grammar, word choice, style, vocab words, and even gives you resources
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