My Writing As A Writer

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I would have to say that I am closer to a writer than I use to be, but I’m also not where I would like to be. I was always told that I was a natural writer until I got to high school. Everyone either caught up to my level, surpassed it, or I plateaued. Trying to improve myself, I took honors and AP English literature. Unfortunately, I had only felt worse about my writing when I got to AP. My teacher, Mrs. Tomaselli, never gave anyone A’s so I did not feel too bad about myself, but gave no positive feedback. I did however compare a piece of writing I was very proud of that I did in 11th with a recent piece, both about my Polychondritis. The two pieces made me see the evolution of my writing. As far as the class English 101 goes, I have…show more content…
These sentences do not make anyone feel the pain I was feeling, the reader just knows what I needed to do if my ears looked like balloons. For comparison, here is an excerpt from the second paper of my emotions while eating what was thought to be a perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich; “As I bite down, the taste of iron floods my mouth causing me to immediately search my sandwich for the tiny pink pill. I found the light circle filled with venom in what I thought was a perfect sandwich as tears begin to fill my eyes.” (Galanti, Courtney). There is an abundance of description in the second piece that the first one lacks. I feel as though the reader understands what I was going through on a daily in “Old at the age of four”, but also feeling it as if they were there. Another problem with “Me, Myself, and Polychondritis” that I had found later on, was the fact that I was not relatable and I continued to explain my emotions very plainly. Grant it, the whole disorder is not relatable but as I read back over the paper, it was like a robot trying to show emotion. For example, “In my head it seemed like the problems never ended and no one was going through what I was going through. I am a triplet, with a brother and sister and they did not have these problems. My friends and family did not understand.” These sentences do not make the reader feel a lone like I did. I unsuccessfully was trying to portray authentic feelings as to why I
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