My Writing Class Reflection

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When I ended my Writing 39 class that was the start of my endeavor to evolve into a better writer. My pervious writing class defiantly helped me make the transition to Writing 39B. This class is contributing to help me become a improved writer through the RIPs, readings, and rhetorical analysis essay . Writing has always been a subject that I struggle with, so this class is one of my challenging classes this quarter. Besides Writing 39B and I am taking Chemistry 1C, Chemistry Laboratory, Anthropology 1A and Psychology 7A. My additional classes make it difficult for me to dedicate extra time to this class. Nevertheless, I balance my classes to dedicate the appropriate amount of time into this class. I work diligently to complete the assignments…show more content…
Additionally, these reading exercises introduced me to new ideas by analysis common the fairy tale conventions, analyzing fairy tale elements is something I never thought of doing. Articles that I found really interesting and exciting to read were, Donald Haase's article, Kiss and Tell: Orality, Narrative and the Power of Words in "Sleeping Beauty", Anna Richardson's Article, The Ethical Limitations of Holocaust Literature Representation, and Donald Haase's article, Yours, mine, or ours? Perrault, The Brothers Grimm and the Ownership of Fairy Tales. Of course. there were other reading that students were assigned to but these were my top three favorites so far. Each these introduced to me an idea or an argument that I never thought about in fairy tales. For example, in the Anna Richardson's article she discussion about the appropriation of using Holocaust fiction. I found this idea fascinated me and it influenced me to writing my rhetorical essay based on it. I found the The Anteater’s Guide to Rhetoric and Writing has so far be great a source to clarify any doubts and misunderstandings. It help me learned a bit more or refresh things that I learned in Writing 39A like integrating sources in my
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