My Writing For English 125

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College. English. Papers. This semester, for English 125, I wrote a total of three final papers and read fifteen various text; each with a different argument. I went from soaring through political documents, to running through a field littered with stereotypes, only to end up in a land where the government dictates a society. Each paper I wrote and every text I read connected back to each adventure I had to endure. The first paper for this semester I was blind towards the potential I exhibited as a writer, the second paper I ventured out into the unknown, and the third paper tested the skills I possessed as a writer when conducting research on Christianity; a topic that was foreign to me. I came into this course expecting to be challenged along the way, since I always had a passion for English, and that test was clearly met. The papers written, along with the text read, has not only allowed me to produce bold statements with the objective in mind, but maximize the potential I possess as a writer and reader. When asked if political figures oppress or liberate individuals, in a society, I declared empower. I, then, proceeded to create my introduction asserting, “Political leaders have written numerous speeches throughout the years, in order to persuade countless people to adhere to resolving a problem that is in our society. The liberating language of political figures can bring about alterations in a society that is plagued with unwanted situations.” This led Professor
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