My Writing Of My New College Career

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I could have thought of ten-thousand other places and things I would have rather been doing than writing a paper for a grade. I dreaded the thought of having to set at a desk and listen to somebody telling me something I already knew, I suck at writing. I barely got through high school writing papers and then I find myself thirteen years later and way behind the new curriculum standards facing it again. When I made my schedule this was the only class I really was regretting, because it was the only one I really could not study for to control my grade. I knew it was going to be my most time consuming class and the one that I would want to procrastinate the most in. Which it still is, but after getting through my first paper things…show more content…
The first line of his work is a quote from Dickens “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” (31). That saying right there got my attention every time I read it. He went on talking about values and all I could think of ‘What are my values.’ I found myself thinking of my own life when I read his work and thought ‘What would I want to tell the 21st century’ and I knew that’s where I wanted to go with it. I wanted to leave my thoughts of what it was like growing up in the 20th Century compared to the “horrible” 21st Century. Now, I found out really quickly that my writing process wasn’t so quick and dry and to the point. I seem to do a lot of writing here and then getting a new idea, so I would run with it for awhile and then switch gears again. Lets just say sometimes I ended up with pages of basically notes. It become more of a puzzle and picking out a section here and there trying to piece it together. I ended up with a completed paper that I was not exactly sold if it was an actually persuasive paper. But I literally thought that it was my first paper and I just was hoping it was not going to get to shredded. While I waited to get feed back for my first attempt at writing a college paper, it was time to start my second paper. I felt a little better since I had sort of had one under my belt now. This one was a

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