My Writing Of Writing And Writing

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Before I started this class, my writing ability was very execrable. I have passion in writing stories, and writing about myself. I just didn 't have any good experience in a well written paper. I was used to writing in an informal way instead of formal. I never knew how to start off the beginning paragraphs. I just thought about a topic, and wrote without any process or organization. I would continue to write without grabbing the reader 's attention. Under no circumstances, did I know how to end it because my topics were too broad. To begin, I tried thinking of a much more focused topic. Then, I would have a way to end the story so I would not write too much. Next, I free wrote about everything that came to mind. After that, I added more information or detail to my essay wherever it was needed. I again, went back and edited grammar mistakes that I made. Although, I would take the time to revise my essay as much as I thought was necessary. I rarely took the time and organized my information, so the organization always seemed off to me. Based off of the feedback that I received from my peers and instructor, my topics were always right on point with what we were focusing on. The topics I wrote about were always focused and not too broad. Another strength of mine was the amount of time I took to revise my essays. I always tried to get at least two different people to review my essay and give me constructive criticism. My conclusions always went over everything I wrote about
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