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Reflections of my writing Writing is essential in the everyday human life and everyone is different when it comes down to writing. I enjoy writing personally I like writing about things I love doing such as playing soccer and gaming. When I find the right words to write to express something I feel like a genius. Writing has never been my forte. I have not written many essays in the past but I continued writing so I can learn from my mistakes and become a better writer. The hardest thing for me is to write about something that I am unfamiliar with, that causes me to procrastinate. In this paper I will be writing about my writing process with my three past essays individually. Writing has shaped me into a more intellectual individual and I would encourage anyone to always improve their writing skills. First, I am going to talk about my experience with the Literacy Narrative essay. The purpose is to understand myself better as a reader and writer by writing about my literacy history. This was one of my favorite essays. I set up my essay by doing an outline on a sheet of paper so I can organize my thoughts. I started on it way before the rough draft was due so I would have lots of time to proofread and prepare my essay. I was very motivated to write even though I never really thought about my past when I first learned to read and write. I was very eager to write about it. I went to the library to write because that place I can concentrate the most and wouldn’t have any

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