My Writing Skills And The Way I Develop My Career

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Final Reflection Essay

Throughout this semester, I have seen an improvement in my writing skills and the way I develop my essays. I have always had a passion for creative writing, but when writing academic papers, I lacked technique and correct grammar. I made exceptional grades on my writing assignments in high school, but I learned quickly that English college classes are much more challenging. Being in my first college English class helped me learn how important class attendance and participation are, along with learning the many rules and techniques used in writing. Seeing the improvement in my writing over the course of this semester has made me very optimistic of the English classes I will take in the future. This class has taught me how important grammar is and how I should always strive for improvement in my writing. Class participation was a big part of making good grades and helping my writing skills increase. Going to class as much as I could was a large part of getting everything I could out of the class time. Attendance is very important to ensure that no information or assignment announcements are missed. With the presentations and teaching Dr. Kennedy provided along with the online resources, I learned something new during every class period I attended. I enjoyed the various ways assignments were given to teach in different. When we did assignments in groups, it enabled me not only to voice my own opinion, but to be able to hear how the other
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